4200 preschool teachers receive on site training

In view of the shortage of teachers of preschool education, kindergarten and primary school education level is not high tendency is very serious reality, from the beginning of last year, was sent to the countryside to teach training using the 2013 national training plan and training plan in our province province. Reporters learned that this round of sent to the countryside to teach training, by the Capital Normal University in the region, based on the investigation of different classification, the development of a training programme in accordance with the local conditions, organized by the Capital Normal University Professor, Beijing city (county) director of education and Research (Research), preschool kindergarten teachers in Beijing city (Yuan Chang) team the training consists of sub regions of our province, 4200 preschool teachers to carry out to the door type classification training, accounting for more than 90% of full-time teachers. The second half of 2014, the province will begin the second round of training, plans to train 2500 teachers. It is reported that this sent to the countryside to teach training, training a wide range, strong pertinence, with the introduction of Beijing preschool education experts, teachers and engineering features to solve the shortage of contradictions, a policy, improve the preschool bilingual teachers teaching level and reduce the cost of learning and training of kindergarten teachers cost, by the local administrative departments of education and preschool teachers welcome.  

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