Go all out to disaster prevention and mitigation work to convene a comprehensive disaster prevention

July 13th, deputy governor Kuang Yong chaired a special meeting to convey important instructions on disaster prevention and mitigation work, learn the spirit of the recent CPC Central Committee and the State Council and provincial government leaders on disaster prevention and mitigation work, informed the province’s disaster situation, study the deployment of the next step of disaster prevention and disaster relief work.

the meeting stressed that at present, the province entered the main flood season, affected by extreme weather, remain around landslides and mudslides, floods, disaster, disaster prevention and disaster relief work situation is still grim, arduous task. All localities and departments should attach importance to disaster prevention and relief work, to ensure the safety of the people in the first place, strengthen organizational leadership, levels of responsibility, strengthen the transmission pressure, perfect measures to minimize losses caused by disasters.

meeting requirements, all localities and departments should take precautions, effective prevention, so that the disaster in the first time, disaster relief in key areas. Timely investigation of security risks, the risk of the discovery, immediately take firm measures to pay close attention to the rectification, eliminate hidden dangers, strengthen control, to prevent all kinds of disasters and secondary disasters. Closely follow and monitor the occurrence and development of various natural disasters, timely release of disaster warning and forecast information. Strengthen emergency duty, leading cadres at all levels to take the lead, relying on the command, the first time disposal reported major disaster. Improve the refinement of measures to solve a variety of unexpected situations in a timely manner, the implementation of scientific policy to ensure that disaster prevention and mitigation work effectively and orderly development.


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