Chinese new year to go to the grassroots level to deepen the go turn to change a hundred days of

Lunar New Year thirty. In the old days of the new year, the reporter went to the north and the people of Hui and Tu Autonomous County of the total Fort Township, the total village.

village is permeated with an atmosphere of joy and harmony, bursting with happiness, every family decorated, filled with festive flavor. A society of Li Shengcai is preparing for the new year with careful preparation, posted on the festive couplets, hung red lanterns, the expression of good wishes for the future, Li old man face is happy and happy.

"walk to walk, in the house, it is our own cake and twist, quickly try." Lee out of rough hands, enthusiasm took us to get inside the house burning stove was blazing, the fire boiled mutton aroma.

Li Shengcai 51 years old this year, the family has a population of 4 people, was identified as poor households last year, is the object of precise poverty alleviation. Although I was in the village of poor households, but I’m not afraid of the poor, the national policy is so good plus I’m not lazy, willing to work, I believe I can take off the hat of poverty soon, a better day." Simple words, the people out of the desire and determination to get rid of poverty.

poverty due to poverty, there are strokes.

A 70 year old mother

Lee, a junior middle school daughter, daughter-in-law last May was diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation, can not do heavy work, can only make a meal at home. "If the wife is not sick, we will have a good day, she this disease, outside the home I left one busy day, suddenly became tense, but now I have the good policy of the party, enjoy national subsistence allowances, and state support for poor households and care I believe, our days will be booming like like this red lanterns." Li Shengcai looked at the red lanterns hung up, full of confidence.

fine chat, we found that Lee old man is not a complete labor, he suffered from cerebral infarction and skin disease has been more than and 10 years, although the doctor everywhere but still no cure. For the sake of his family, he is now. Due to illness, he could not go out to work to make money, but the family has 1.07 hectares of land available for cultivation, the main breadwinner is a piece of land, with industrious hands, Lee annually planted potato, soybean, corn, rapeseed and other agricultural crops (economic). Income is also good. "The fields can’t be wasted, otherwise it would be a pity." Lee said the old man out of the farmer’s simple.

state of our people is really getting better, three years ago, the new rural projects, the monastic hardened road to the door, the walls of the house and the door for free repair, this would not dare to think in the past ah." Li old man said excitedly to the door.

said new year’s wish, Lee suddenly excited, "over the years, I intend to use the state to 20 thousand yuan of money, a few more sheep, raising sheep, the day will certainly be better."

imperceptibly, the sky is completely dark down, the beautiful fireworks in the night sky rises, the village reflect very colorful, crackling;

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