11 private enterprises to complete the work of archives management

Recently, a reporter from the Xining City District Archives Bureau was informed that, at present, Xining, Xining Dongbao printing factory of Limited Liability Company, Xining Steel Group Co. Ltd source and a total of 11 enterprises, has completed the work of archives management specification.

it is reported that private enterprise archives is the formation of private enterprises in the production, management, scientific research, infrastructure and management activities, with various historical records of text, graphics, audio, electronic and other forms of search to preserve the value of the enterprise.

According to the

City District Archives Bureau responsible person, private enterprises filing is an inherent demand for the development of enterprises, private enterprises to strengthen basic management, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises, is of great significance. (author: mullite Qing Ling)


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