The second Chinese Xining nternational Dance Festival and the ninth Chinese dance Lotus prize class

the evening of August 19th, which lasted 4 days of the second session of China · Xining International Dance Festival and the ninth China dance "Lotus prize" classical dance contest successfully concluded. Vice chairman, China Federation Secretary Yang Chengzhi, Chinese Federation honorary member, honorary chairman of the association of white China dancer Shuxiang, China Dancers Association party secretary and executive vice chairman Feng Shuangbai attended the closing ceremony of the night.

the "Lotus prize" classical dance competition, 41 teams from around the country to compete with classical dance, giving a "carved" for the people of Xining elegant art feast, eventually produced 26 awards, the "water" and "Dunhuang shift" 10 day work to get the bronze medal, "Cech" army "," 10 works won the silver award, "dream", "pottery and clouds" and other 6 works won the gold medal. Among them, Xining Art Theatre Co. Ltd. "" pottery dream ", for the first time will pull out the gold top, opened a good head for the development of our province classical dance". Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department won the special contribution award issued by the organizing committee, the special award awarded to the Chongqing University.

The closing ceremony and awards

evening, the Organizing Committee for the scene of the audience carefully prepared the winning entries, participate in the International Dance Festival overseas performance team boutique programs on the same stage. Chen Ailian, the venerable old artist of classical dance in China, performed a wonderful classical dance, "Moonlight on the Spring River", at the age of 74, and won the warm applause from the industry experts and the audience. (author: Han Yihua Xiao Shu)

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