The overall quality of the women’s organizations at the basic level in the North District of Xining

in order to further strengthen the construction of grass-roots organizations of women’s Federation, Chengbei District of Xining city in accordance with the "construction of a good team, a good team, a good atmosphere, a good mechanism, a good number of base or entity", organization of towns, street Federation grass-roots women’s organizations and carry out renovation work, young women cadres talent shows itself a large number of high quality culture, a good mass base, strong working ability and rich experience.

as of now, the region’s 38 villages and 23 community Federation and part of the organs of the Commission held by women’s Congress, elected a new session of the women’s Federation (WOC) team. At present, the region’s 38 village level director, 30 large secondary school degree or above, accounting for 79%. 23 community women’s Federation cadres, college education level of 20 people, accounting for 87%.


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