Taining Community Cultural Festival opened the first of the residents have their own talent stage

gorgeous stage lights, fashion street flags, neat lineup, May 26th, Bayi Road office in Xining City, the eastern area of Taining’s first community cultural festival opened in Taining garden, hundreds of residents from the area to watch the opening ceremony of the wonderful performance. Many residents said it was a pleasure to see such a good performance at the gate.

morning team, dance team, Guozhuang team of three training team performed a wonderful performance in the opening ceremony. Li Defang, head of the three teams, said the establishment of the community dance team has been for over 5 years, which also participated in a lot of big and small performances, but the first time to participate in Community Cultural Arts festival. "At the door to show talent, very excited and very excited, thanks to the community to provide us with such a stage."

in order to further promote the development of Taining community culture, to create a loving, full of sunshine community, in order to make more residents, residents’ participation in community construction, improve the community, love love family circle, love family consciousness, Taining community in preparation for more than a month, finally opened in 26 days the art festival. Subsequently, the community held a folk talent show, calligraphy and painting performances, fun games and digital movies and other colorful activities.

The first

community cultural festival for the area of professional artists and art amateurs provide and build talent show platform, enrich people’s amateur cultural life, to form a healthy, rich in content and entertaining cultural art harmonious atmosphere in the community.


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