Snow no snow in the next three days in order to clear the main Xining

In December 7th, Xining sun ushered in the twenty-first solar term twenty-four solar term in the snow. It’s coming, means the beginning of winter season. Reporters learned from the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the next three days, the snow will not bring cooling snow, the weather in most parts of the province is relatively stable, mainly sunny or cloudy weather.

the Nutrition Department of Xining First People’s Hospital doctor Zou Jiayong suggested that the winter tonic does not need a lot of food and medicine, reasonable diet, regular exercise, replenish moisture, vitamins and roughage are key. Especially in the northern city, indoor outdoor cold dry, hot dry, in addition to members of the public can often drink porridge soup, heat and dryness, can also increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, or add some vitamin C and vitamin D.  

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