Xining City West District big voice chorus famous Taiwan

reporter from the West District of Xining city learned recently, held in Taiwan city in Kaohsiung Province, the cross-strait cultural exchanges chorus competition, West District Cultural Center "big sound chorus" the local characteristics of Qinghai "" flowers "chorus" won the applause of the audience, the chorus won the gold medal, outstanding directing Award and outstanding organization award.

West District Cultural Center "Great Music Choir" is a grassroots art group, founded in August 2012, the group has more than 70 kinds of artistic talent. Joint efforts in the area west of the cultural sector and the strong support of the whole team, the group has from the amateur art groups into professional performance groups.

in recent years, the west region attaches great importance to the development of grassroots cultural groups, take measures to create conditions for the people at the grassroots art performances and rehearsals equipment environment to give strong support, and actively explore and promote the cultural construction of grass-roots advantage and role of grassroots cultural groups. At present, the west district people spontaneously organized literary performances team has reached 55, the number of participants reached more than 3000 people. With the continuous development of grassroots literary and art groups, cultivate a number of outstanding literary talent at the grassroots level, the birth of a number of people’s literature and art boutique, to promote and prosperity grassroots culture into new vitality. (author: Wu Yachun)

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