The second meeting of the leading group on the reform of the rural homestead system


May 6th, province of rural homestead system reform leading group held its second meeting in Xining, listen to the report on the progress of the pilot work, coordinate and solve the problem, study the deployment of the next step. Provincial Party committee, the provincial rural homestead reform leading group leader Wang Jianjun presided over the meeting and speech. He stressed that we should insist on "land public ownership does not change, do not break the interests of farmers of arable land, no damage of the bottom line of the premise, strengthen confidence, bold exploration, and comprehensively promote the rural homestead system reform. Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor, deputy head of the leading group Zhang Guangrong attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


meeting that since the homestead system reform started, Xining City, Huangyuan Province, three county level Party committee and government attach great importance to carefully organize; leading group member units to grasp the limits of policy, strengthen coordination and cooperation, work together to support the reform pilot area; the courage to play, as a positive, conscientiously implement the specific task, start well, the pilot work smoothly, which laid the foundation for the next work.

the meeting pointed out that this is the province of the homestead system reform is the key for the year, the relevant regions and departments should pay attention to in solving the problems in reform, accurately grasp the central and provincial government policy on the homestead system reform, further deepen the research, to distinguish between common and individual problems, mark the line, a good account according to the law, and promote the rational and orderly, to ensure that people can accept, the government can afford, sustainable work. To consolidate the results of system pilot work has achieved, and further improve in practice, and strive to achieve in the law comprehensive, to do simple, easy to copy, can provide experience for the next step pushed on reform. To strengthen the confidence of bold exploration, the relevant regions and departments should adhere to the law in accordance with the regulations, in the premise of not breaking the bottom line, to maximize the support of the pilot work. We should pay attention to straighten out the management responsibilities, improve the grass-roots organizations, promote the multi rule one, the implementation of the system of advocacy, land consolidation, land use and compensation for the exit. To encourage innovation, tolerance of failure, to guide the relevant regions and departments to explore the land reform path of the central requirements, with local characteristics, to ensure that reforms are always moving in the right direction, to ensure that the cadres is always full of passion, entrepreneurship.

meeting studied the outstanding problems in the pilot work, and made clear the countermeasures.


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