Xining yesterday ushered in the horse the cold cold air will stay a few days

after entering the year of the horse, the highest temperature on the provincial capital was up to ten degrees Celsius, let the people of Xining have an illusion waved farewell to the winter. However, the strong cold air into, quickly pulled down the highest daily temperature in northern Qinghai. Yesterday, Xining ushered in the coldest day of the horse. Meteorological experts, the impact of cold air will continue for several days.

Qinghai meteorological station chief forecaster Wei Shuxia, yesterday, Xining City, the daily maximum temperature of minus 2.2 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature of minus 8.5 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature is the lowest since the horse on the day. Xining, Haidong, the eastern coast of the sea, there are also traces of snow. Today, Xining gas temperature rebounded slightly, the highest daily temperature rose to 4 degrees Celsius, the daily minimum temperature of minus 14 degrees celsius. The next few days, although the temperature drop will not be too large, but affected by cold air, hot weather will be difficult to appear.


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