The new year new year new spring music taste

drove onto the home road, wondering this rural hometown taste must be very thick very new, because last year the implementation of the "military enterprises build a model village" has let the mountain ditch village, Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County Xi Gou Xiang Ma Di Gou Cun made a startling change.

when the car stopped at the side of the road, Sichuan, a sight that confirms our suspicions, the new face of a beautiful country show in front of the villagers: new activities Plaza, the villagers on the triangle color Xiang pulled the string flag, the new village farm gate profile plug small flag, hang up red lanterns, paste New Year couplets, everywhere is strong.

villagers Shi Yanfu busy with a red light, paste couplets. Unlike in previous years, this year, more than two doors on the door of the five-star red flag, looking particularly eye-catching.

Shi Yanfu said last year, relying on the village to build a joint venture to invest about 14000000 yuan, a year to build a beautiful new countryside. The villagers planted a small flag, on the one hand to add new beaming, more important is the Thanksgiving party and the country’s agricultural policy.

walked into the house, the eye is the aluminum alloy doors and windows and patterns of ceramic tile wall under the new closed room. Shi Yanfu said, this is the support of the national housing policy incentives built, and on the part of individual self, spent a total of nearly 100 thousand yuan, although spent a lot of money, a new house, looking at the bright, comfortable living.

during the Spring Festival, one family reunion, face several more happy, add a few copies of festivity, music is life is getting better and better, the joy is over the more sweet days. Shi Yanfu is busy cooking pork, meat pot with fragrance; daughter-in-law deft hands mixed with cold dishes, dumplings, festive festive room full of the corner.

"new village, a new home, a new house, no good policy, the villagers there will be such a good day? Be sure to celebrate!" Shi Yanfu said with a smile.

let off fireworks, we eat side, began to pull up. Of course, the most talked about is a good day for good policy.

see a new rural cooperative medical care, pension has a new agricultural insurance, grain subsidies, I heard this year, farmers have increased grain subsidies, the national policy is too good for the people."

the bell of the new year, the family once again to wish each other new year and pay New Year’s call, social harmony, over the more prosperous days.


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