Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau pay close attention to open pit mine safety production

reporter from the province’s metal safety production of open-pit mine to observe the scene learned that in November, the provincial safety production supervision authority will conduct special rectification to do not have the conditions of production safety, safety production license expires does not apply for the continuation of the enterprises within the province, to further push forward the fighting rule violations and rectification close work, strengthen safety production of open-pit mine.

according to the provincial safety supervision bureau responsible person, since 2016, our province conscientiously implement the provincial government and the State Administration of work safety on strengthening non coal mine safety production work of the decision to deploy, by strengthening the legal supervision, optimize the administrative examination and approval, the implementation of corporate safety responsibility, carry out the rectification and cure. "Close work, build a comprehensive security risk classification control and double hidden investigation and management of preventive work mechanism, the steady improvement of the province’s non coal mine safety production situation. However, there are still some problems in the safety production of open pit mines, such as the weak foundation, the low overall quality of employees, and the lax management of outsourcing construction.

therefore, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau proposed to strengthen the safety production of open-pit mine work comprehensively, effectively cleaning, ban, shutting down a number of illegal enterprises, to ensure that the province’s non coal mines to mine, the number and distribution of Mines tend to be more reasonable, safe production base has been effectively improved. Up to now, the province has banned, shut down and write off non coal mining enterprises 25. At the same time, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau will further strengthen safety supervision and law enforcement, the establishment of long-term mechanism of expert potential hazards, to take the government to purchase services, intermediary institutions to provide technical means to carry out the work of the expert consultation, to ensure that the province’s non coal mine expert consultation coverage rate reached 100%. In addition, will further refine the classification of enterprise risk control measures, improve the risk management system, highlighting the supervision and inspection of the high risk of hidden dangers, many enterprises to increase the frequency of inspection and supervision, supervise the development of the reform program, the implementation of the rectification funds, the deadline to complete the rectification task, overdue rectification is not up to the conditions for safe production, to the local the government shall be closed.


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