Yindajihuang west main canal project started

11 24 April yindajihuang xiganqu canal project construction ceremony held in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Castle Township, marking the yindajihuang project has opened a new page. Vice governor Yan Jinhai announced the start.

it is understood that the yindajihuang project is a large-scale comprehensive water conservancy project, the main task is to solve the urban life, ecology, industry, agriculture and animal husbandry in Huangshui River water problem area. The project mainly consists of "general, two libraries, three main component, namely water diversion canal, stone gorge reservoir, Heiquan reservoir phase, two north, North and west main canal. Estimated total investment of 14 billion 182 million yuan.

west main canal project north of Datong County of Heiquan reservoir, Gan River Industrial Park in South Huangzhong County, Datong and Huangzhong via two counties, is an industrial park to irrigation and water supply, taking into account the backbone of urban domestic water of water conservancy project, mainly composed of 123.27 kilometers and 311.74 kilometers of trunk canal, design of water diversion the flow of 10.67 cubic meters / sec, with a total of 184 million cubic meters of water, irrigation area of 20 thousand hectares, the total project investment of 4 billion 681 million yuan.

2014, the West trunk project was listed as one of the country’s 172 major water-saving water conservancy projects, in 2016 was identified as one of the 20 major projects under construction. After the completion of the project can effectively alleviate the Xining Gan River Industrial Park industrial water and surrounding urban residents drinking water problems of agricultural irrigation water, along the project area, greatly improving the living conditions of the masses, to protect the ecological environment along the line, enhance the project area industrial and agricultural comprehensive production capacity plays a positive role for.


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