Xining jumped plateau strawberry city attracted eight tourists

Xing Xiang, Zhang Ji, 99…… These great in the domestic famous strawberry varieties are now successfully "copy" to the Qinghai plateau, growing success, become a greenhouse in winter and the specialty of Vegetable & Fruit, Qinghai sunshine, climate temperature, and provides a natural environment for the growth of strawberry, make them taste better, this is probably the last few in Shandong, some northeast farmers moved to the Qinghai plateau planting reason.

January 17th, the reporter saw in the Datong County Shennong Taoyuan, tender and full of bright red strawberries in the greenhouse, a few acres of land size, many tourists picking in the greenhouse. Datong County, Taoyuan Taoyuan Shennong Shennong Li Fuxiang, began a few years ago in Qinghai province respectively in Datong County, strawberry, north area and other places have special strawberry greenhouses, found that the introduction of strawberry varieties from northeast where planting effect is very obvious, can yield to about five thousand pounds, and these do not have listed strawberry now, the rural tourism have become more and more prosperous, so to the picking season, from Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Beijing, Shanghai and other places of tourists in a Greenhouse Strawberry is in a continuous line, these tourists inside and outside the province of circular package. In the whole picking season, through the opening of strawberry picking tour, can benefit an acre of land to 20 million yuan. (author: Zhang Lifeng)


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