What will be released in the future of the province’s human society

11 month 22 days, reporters from the province to implement the social development of the cause of the "13th Five-Year" planning work meeting was informed that the "13th Five-Year" period, system and policy in our province will implement a series of measures to protect and improve the livelihood of the people in the sharing in more sense, so that the fruits of development more equitably benefit of all the people.

, the province’s social undertakings "13th Five-Year" planning is divided into 8 chapters and 31 sections, the province’s social development guidelines and 6 goals, 19 main indexes, set up 8 column. Put forward to realize more fully and higher quality of employment, establish a more equitable and sustainable social security system, to further promote the reform of personnel system, deepen the reform of income distribution system, to build a harmonious labor relations and a series of targeted and operable policy initiatives.

in terms of employment, the province will achieve more fully and higher quality of employment. The implementation of the strategy of employment priority, vigorously promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, promote the overall development of college graduates focus groups employment, promote employment continues to expand the scale of employment structure is more reasonable, the employment situation remained stable. "13th Five-Year" at the end, the province’s 300 thousand new urban jobs, the registered urban unemployment rate at 4.2%, urban and rural labor occupation skill training 350 thousand people.

in terms of social security system, the province will be fully completed the coverage of urban and rural residents more equitable and sustainable social security system. Further promote the reform of the social security system, the full implementation of the national insurance registration plan to achieve full coverage of the legal population. Establishment of normal adjustment mechanism of social security benefits. "13th Five-Year" at the end, the number of urban workers basic pension insurance reached 1 million 80 thousand people, pension insurance institutions reached 100%, urban and rural residents basic pension insurance rate reached 98%, the number of urban workers basic medical insurance reached 950 thousand people, urban and rural residents basic medical insurance number reached 4 million 550 thousand people.

at the same time, the province will further deepen the reform of personnel system, creating a large number of outstanding management personnel, professional and technical personnel and highly skilled personnel. "13th Five-Year" at the end, the total amount of professional and technical personnel to reach 180 thousand people, the total amount of high skilled personnel reached 90 thousand people. Construction of standardized and orderly, fair and reasonable, mutual benefit and win-win, harmonious and stable labor relations. At the end of 13th Five-Year, the enterprise labor contract rate reached above 95%, the labor dispute arbitration settlement rate reached more than 95% migrant workers wages totaling more than 96% rate. We will improve the basic public service system for the protection of human rights and social security in urban and rural areas, inclusive, affordable and sustainable. By 2020 and strive to 8 new municipal business incubators, 8 municipal public training base in the township construction employment and social service platform, service facilities lack of population.


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