The first independent Rural Center in Northern District


  in May 18th, the province’s first rural culture education center in the north area of Tao Bei Village inaugurated.
the incorrupt cultural education center by the cultural compound, independent cultural corridor clean culture, house clean culture, television show room, independent cultural propaganda education hall is composed of five parts, aims to popularize the cultural knowledge, the dissemination of cultural information, political and cultural spirit of Hong Yanglian, the display of cultural achievements. Center by regularly organized training courses, work study, work of all kinds of independent cultural exchanges and other activities, so that the rural grassroots cadres in the region to establish law-abiding, self-discipline consciousness, do the alarm bells ringing and honest, strict with oneself, check erroneous ideas at the outset, dedication, selfless dedication in their respective positions, rural cadres become good ideas, style now, the real work. The same day, from the 38 village Party Secretary and village committee director North District, the "two committees" members and towns, street party working committee, a total of more than 160 people participated in the publicity and education center of clean culture the first rural grass-roots party members and cadres and training.


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