The economic impact on the biological environment by Huang project achievements evaluation

recently, experts in science and Technology Department of the province, fishery environmental monitoring station to complete the "Qinghai province evaluation" big economic effects of Huang project on aquatic and water environment project evaluation results, finds its achievements have reached the leading domestic level.

yindajihuang project is known as one of Qinghai water conservancy project". The project of Interbasin Water Transfer Project of water diversion area, water reduction and dehydration river fish, plankton, algae, benthic animal, aquatic plants and other aquatic species composition, quantity distribution, biomass and amplitude and dominant species, biodiversity has carried out detailed investigation work. Through the investigation of the basic situation of Datong River and Huangshui River aquatic biological status, a detailed study of the construction of facilities for fish and fish breeding station engineering protection measures were put forward for the first time in the Yellow River, an important tributary of the fish channel construction project EIA project has become wading, model and demonstration effect.

expert group thinks, the project of drawing big economic protection Huang project of aquatic organisms to provide a scientific basis for the protection of water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering wading aquatic biological monitoring and impact assessment of the watershed in our province and Sanjiang source of aquatic organisms, marking the monitoring and evaluation of the province involved in water engineering of aquatic organisms the work has reached the leading domestic level. (author: Luo Lianjun)

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