A month of net income of more than twenty thousand of the shop

has such a small shop, an area of less than 30 square meters, what makes it more than 20 thousand yuan monthly net profit. The 28 year old Chen tomorrow of restless, working in Beijing for more than 8 years, he has been the dream is to create a career. Once, he saw a door labeled "transferable" in Fengtai District Majiabao Road business daily necessities shop, more than and 20 square meters.

special offer promotional small attract customers visit

at the supermarket customers suddenly streams of people busily coming and going, Chen Ming understand, large supermarkets and shopping malls to sell special offer goods, not for profit, but to rely on low prices to attract customers! This will allow customers to produce all the goods here are cheaper than other places of illusion, thus the desire to purchase other goods. No wonder those businesses are always keen on special promotions!

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