Beautiful Nanchuan river will return to the people around

March 22nd, Henan Nanchuan comprehensive management engineering section officially started construction, after completion of the project, Nanchuan River Basin will form a complete flood control system, flood control standards across the board to meet the design standards, all along the river of sewage collection, the municipal government will be presented to the general public a clear and coastal green, smooth and beautiful scene of the Nanchuan river.

Deputy secretary, mayor Wang Yubo

, World Bank senior experts, water conservancy project manager Zhang Ximing, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Fan Guoqing, vice mayor Xu Guocheng, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Fan Xingliang attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

Nanchuan river is the mother river of Xining, a tributary of the Huangshui River, originated from Huangzhong County Lajishan mountain river, 38.2 km long, the average river width of 30 meters, the basin area of 398 square kilometers. The world bank loans, municipal government of Nanchuan river aqueduct bridge to Xie Zhai liberation period a total of 10 kilometers of river engineering implementation of governance, fully completed in 2011. In order to further improve the Nanchuan river regulation, the municipal government decided to further expand the scope of governance, led by Huang Committee, co-ordination, integration of funds, to the project as the basis, the implementation of the comprehensive management in large reservoir water diversion mouth to bridge Nanchuan Nanchuan River Xie, formed complete flood control system, repair of Nanchuan river ecological corridor. To reduce pollutants and sediment concentration upstream of the river in the water, creating a comprehensive Nanchuan River riparian landscape belt.

the construction of Nanchuan section of Henan comprehensive treatment project plans a total investment of 150 million yuan, with a total length of 14.88 km section of governance. The project is divided into three sections: section of Xining is about 4.28 kilometers, flood control standards for 100 years; and Fort bridge to Huangzhong section of about 3.62 km, flood control standards for 50 years; and above the fort River Bridge about 6.98 km of river restoration. Landscape greening area of 413.6 hectares, of which the core area of green area of 51 hectares.

according to the municipal government work plan, water management committee commissioned Huang Xinhua International Consulting Co. Ltd. for engineering design, the design unit has completed the preliminary design documents, in November 6, 2012 by the Provincial Water Conservancy Department formally approved by. At present, the project has been completed in the area of land acquisition and demolition work, sub engineering flood control works and sewage works have been completed tender, and the bank has no objection letter. After the completion of the project, water pollution, river dirty environment problems of Nanchuan River Basin will be solved, further improve the quality of regional water environment.


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