First impression as the starting point Huangyuan County Bureau of Commerce and industry to enhance t

this is the province’s industrial and commercial systems wind for two years after the first year of free evaluation, but also to participate in the democratic appraisal and ranking. In order to do this work, Huangyuan County Industrial and Commercial Bureau take effective measures, and strive to obtain good results of PCED political work.

It is reported that

, Huangyuan County Industrial and Commercial Bureau from three aspects of the political popularity of wind construction work. First through the "four first" service to enhance the image of "first impression" as the starting point, actively carry out a greeting, a smile, a chair, a cup of hot water works, and operators closer distance, establish a good image of the business team; "the first door sill as a focal point to create high quality service window;" the first duty "as the focus, standardize administrative law enforcement behavior;" first responsibility "as the key point, to strengthen the work style construction. The second is to take a variety of forms, open remonstrance. Again is to improve the rectification mechanism to ensure the effectiveness of wind construction. (author: Shi Hailing Yuan Fang)

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