Datong village cadres for the private 193 practical things

in this year’s "four four promotion activities, strengthen the" Datong County in order to promote the normalization of style building as the main line, and actively guide the countryside cadres leaned down to earth, people linked to heart, will ensure that the preferential policies for farmers of the party in time to the grassroots, implement.

in order to change the past to read the work of reading newspapers, read a single dull form of the document, the county cadres to carefully design the form of a variety of activities in the countryside, rich way to preach. A field of opinion will not only become the villagers will comment on the village, but also became a cadre to eliminate barriers to promote the work of the talk. A blackboard, billboards, affairs column in a flexible layout, made a penetrating analysis of not only the policy of benefiting the agriculture, and the hot and difficult issues to answer questions, make the party’s "three rural" policy clearly to the villagers heart.

at the same time, the majority of the countryside cadres with the current spring production, the countryside cadres in a timely manner to carry out policy to send, send, send warmth, send jobs to send labor activities, whatever public commitment as the point of contact and contact do practical things. Up to now, the provincial and county cadres to do practical things for the masses 193, equivalent to about $8 million 733 thousand in cash. (author: Bao Zhengli)

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