Network virtual property stolen public security department said so tube

I am very easy to have the value of more than 10 thousand yuan of online equipment, who would have thought overnight, I have to make a statement." In January 4th, Mr. Xu said angrily. Public Security Department said that the network virtual property theft, the police still tube.

, according to Mr. Xu, during the new year’s day, playing games on the Internet when he suddenly blindsided, his account stolen, million worth of gaming equipment come to nothing but he worked hard, this a few years practicing out. 360 security experts Shi Xiaohong said, at present, many online games are set to the level of every level, game player can get value ranging from equipment, some unscrupulous persons is the virtual property on the Internet users, Internet users use the Trojan to steal account and gaming equipment, re sold, profits. Grand 7 online vendors and 360 security center recently signed a cooperation agreement to jointly deal with the Trojan, they will this month, continue to provide free anti Trojan tool for Internet users.

A lawyer for

Qinghai Haibo law firm believes that the theft online equipment and other virtual property, should be punished according to the crime of theft. Xining City Public Security Bureau, said a police officer, the field has also occurred in a number of similar cases, some suspects were subject to legal sanctions. Internet users found that online games equipment and other virtual property theft, can be reported to the public security organs.


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