Datong county religious affairs management service center

recently, Datong county religious affairs management service center was formally established, which marks the Datong County has a special service for ethnic minorities and religious services.

Datong County is a minority Autonomous County, the county’s total population of 455 thousand people, of which 166 thousand were religious people, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, the Catholic clergy Temple 130, 431. Religious people, religious temples, religious work tasks, to further improve the national minority and the patriotic religious organizations and all religious services, give full play to the role of bridge group, Datong county invested 150 thousand yuan to set up the religious temple and teaching staff of digital platform, set up the temple temple construction management, examination and approval the religious personnel, approval for the record, Muslim pilgrimage service window for the clergy, religious believers and the community to provide comprehensive, meticulous service.

Build and run

Datong County Administration of Religious Affairs Service Center, Datong County will further enhance the management of religious affairs management service level, promote the fine and information and standardize the management of religious affairs of the county.



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