Huangyuan highlight the four schools complement the spirit of calcium

Since the implementation of the party’s mass line educational practice, Huangyuan adhere to the leadership to take the lead in carrying out the four study, efforts to make up the spirit of the majority of Party members and cadres of calcium".

– balanced "night school". In order to ensure that the work and learning two not wrong, the promotion of two, Huangyuan county cadres to make full use of their spare time to focus on learning. In the study of the contents, highlight the key authentic learning series general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech and in-depth study and understand the party, party, party constitution spirit connotation. In the form of learning, opened a "Wednesday night class", "number one" seminar, "worship the masses for the teacher" and other forms of learning.

– "strengthening leadership". By Party organizations at all levels to carry out the "number one" lectures, invited the provincial Party School professor and municipal steering group leader, around the party’s mass viewpoint, mass line and mass work method, focus on learning and special counseling against the "four winds", so that the cadres at all levels to further strengthen the educational practice and the necessity of understanding the importance of the activities.

– various forms of communication". Not only the Standing Committee to the respective contact point for the months of investigation, listen carefully to the opinions of the masses, to further deepen the theoretical study, at all levels of Party organizations and Party members and cadres also focus on learning the general secretary Xi Jinping discussed the three three real strict new requirements and new instructions on learning the spirit of Jiao Yulu, and combined with the actual work, the mutual exchange of learning experience, the majority of Party members and cadres the practice of the mass line of the consciousness and actions closely.

– "learning with practice rectification". Combined with the Party cadres at all levels of learning evaluation and mutual learning, in-depth to find the leadership at all levels and the existence of the four winds problem, find out the real problems, to dig out the root of the problem, the next step for the control checks, carry out criticism and self-criticism, the rectification of a clear direction to solve practical problems.  

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