National Relay embroidered red flag into the city of Xining

to celebrate the eighteen big victory is held in the whole society, a "caring for others, caring society, caring nature of the volunteer service activities, August 8th, sponsored by the Wuhan Baibuting community initiative, sponsored by the national community volunteer Liaison Station" I celebrate the red embroidered eighteen, volunteer service activities warm ten million into the Qinghai Xining Railway Station. Comity Street offices in city area began.

it is understood that the community volunteer volunteer service activities is national liaison Liaison Station of national 10000 community, driven by millions of members of the community participation of the masses throughout the country a national relay red embroidered and great in strength and impetus of community volunteer service activities, in order to express the people party loving patriotic aspirations of communities through community relay embroidered red flag, red embroidered online etc. form.

community volunteer national liaison terminus will be Xining City comity Street office as the only station in Qinghai activities, office of Party members, the resident troops cadres, community residents, young volunteers have representatives in the red flag embroidered on his shot, put themselves on the party’s love for the motherland, expressed by sewing, finally embroider "community old people always go with the party.". Activities will also organize volunteers to provide assistance to the community empty nesters, left behind children, migrant workers and families with disabilities.

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