National Day holiday of nearly 1 million 500 thousand people in Qinghai

October 8th, the reporter learned from the office of the Joint Conference on Tourism in Qinghai Province, during the eleven holiday this year, the province continued to expand the scale of tourists travel, tourism market showed a growing trend. During the long holiday, the province received a total of 1 million 459 thousand tourists at home and abroad, tourism revenue of $1 billion 503 million, an increase of 16.6% and respectively, an increase of 20.4%. Overnight tourists reached 557 thousand and 600 passengers, an increase in scale compared with previous years.

it is reported that, during the golden week, the main scenic spots in our province harvest gratifying, good situation presents visitors door. Among them, Qinghai Lake scenic tourists 61 thousand and 700 passengers, tourism revenue 9 million 161 thousand yuan; the Kumbum Monastery area of 87 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 17 million 754 thousand and 200 yuan; Xining wild zoo 36 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 731 thousand and 300 yuan; Xining City People’s Park tourists 165 thousand passengers; Xunhua Meng Da Tianchi 20 thousand and 800 tourists trips, tourism revenue 3 million 532 thousand and 400 yuan; Jinyintan – Atomic City, 21 thousand and 600 tourists trips, tourism revenue 1 million 70 thousand yuan.

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