Multimedia electronic photo album

National language of animation development centers to promote the development of the "heaven", "Snow", "Qinghai illustrated praise" 3 Qi Nolan Ultra HD multimedia electronic audio and video for the album, recently published. The development of these new media development of electronic audio and video album, not only for the province’s electronic audio and video publishing to add new content, but also to fill the province of no new media audio and video electronic publications blank. The new electronic album the weight of about 100 grams, content and capacity shall be determined by the user, in the mobile phone, computer, television and other media play reading, changed the previous album paper is big and heavy, not easy to carry and other defects, leisure, and at leisure journey always watch electronic reading appreciation. To make this work more competitive market, national language of animation development center and West National Audiovisual Publishing House set up R & D team, draw lessons from foreign multimedia new technology investment to build a new technology platform, promote the development of the 3 new ultra high-definition multimedia electronic sound like pictures.  

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