Merchandising coup

display of goods is very important for operators, display correct method is conducive to sales, to a large extent for operators to bring more profits, look at the analysis introduction, you will learn more.

A, merchandise display function of

display of goods not only arrange goods or decoration stores, but also can improve the franchise store image by Chen Lielai. In particular, the focus of goods, directly or indirectly, to improve the customer’s desire to buy goods, and enhance the image of the store and advertising effectiveness.

two, merchandising essentials

1. conspicuous display

will want to sell goods to set it in conspicuous places and height, and the display can also be called effective display.

2. easy to choose, easy to take to display


3. to improve the freshness of goods display

4. to improve the display of commodity value

5. eye-catching display

goods placed in the store, with some equipment and tools make a part particularly conspicuous, to attract customers to the store to browse merchandise store.


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