Huangzhong 25 thousand people eat a culture of rice

from Huangzhong efforts to create the eight petal lotus cultural industry brand, not only to promote the national art, heritage heritage, but also led to the increase of farmers.

recently, reporters came to Huangzhong Qinghai Yuliang technology limited liability company, into a product, a statue of Buddha let people come to visit the eyes bright, into the observation, eyebrows, eyes and lips, hands and other parts are made of fine gold buddha. Out of curiosity, the reporter walked into the workshop, a thirty year old woman, is a block of mud heap shape skeleton attached to the ready on. This is the early stage of clay sculpture. The woman wittily told reporters: "the past crops, exposed to the weather with a black girl, like, now learn the skill, the wind is not blowing, not the sun, not only sitting to be able to earn money, every day in the face of these black mud, I looked more and more white."

it is understood that the Huangzhong County in the province to build the "cultural province" and "plateau tourism province" as an opportunity to create a Kumbum Monastery 5A scenic spot as the starting point, the depth of excavation of Tibetan Buddhism culture, Kayue culture, Hehuang folk cultural resources, to create the peasant paintings, murals, Duitou, clay sculpture, sculpture Tibetan carpets with silk, silver and bronze based "eight petal lotus" cultural tourism industry, promote the development of cultural industry cluster. Currently, the county has 943 private cultural enterprises, employing up to 25 thousand people, only in the first half of this year, Huangzhong cultural industry output value reached $238 million. (author: Tang Rong)

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