Warm mid autumn festival activities left behind children eat sweet moon cake

The Mid Autumn Festival is an important traditional festival after the spring festival. However, in some remote areas, due to their parents go out to work, left behind children can only be accompanied by grandparents in the mid autumn festival. Among them, there are a lot of children just from books, television, see the city people eat moon cake. In September 18th, jointly organized by the west city newspaper and Saiqixi bakery "warm autumn" campaign came to the fifth stop North District of Xining City, the 100 primary school – Su, embodies the deep love of the moon cake donated to the poor students of the school and the left-behind children. Double Jiangsu primary school near Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, most of the students here are from and double Su Cun Guo Jia TA Cun, many children’s parents are working outside, the children are in the care of grandparents, a year can see their parents a few times. That people who love to give them sweet moon cake, the children have long been excited. Saiqixi shop staff and a west city newspaper reporter walked into the campus, the campus was filled with smiles of children. In the school playground, Saiqixi shop staff sent to the moon cakes left-behind children in the hands of children, very polite, received at the present moment, seriously salute to love people. The children were happy to get the mooncakes. "Wow, what kind of stuffing is it? It’s so sweet." Three grade Sun Qiang while eating moon cake, while making a face to the camera lens. Received the moon cake, the majority of children did not eat, but put all the moon cakes into the bag, ready to take home. In the three grade classroom, Liu Peipei said: "go back to eat with grandparents." Head teacher Liu Yi told reporters, Liu Peipei’s father and mother are working, although living conditions are not good, but she never complained, often do housework at home, academic performance is also among the best. The 10 year old ANN, their parents are working outside, he said: "the Mid Autumn Festival working outside the father will come home, these days I dreamt about our one family reunion, I want to put the moon cake with dad." Double Su primary school principal Gong Wei said, the school has six classes, more than 200 children, although usually the community of teachers and students to care a lot, but the Mid Autumn Festival sympathy is the first time, "we really feel the west city newspaper and Saiqixi place profound sentiments of friendship." Principal Gong said. (author: Yan Zhuo)  

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