Strict control of leading cadres in our country to go abroad

  the city conscientiously implement the central and provincial and municipal work on improving the style of close ties with the masses of the relevant provisions, strict examination and approval procedures, and constantly strengthen the leading cadres to go abroad (border) management.

abroad on private cadres in the (border) in the management of our city based on the job of leading cadres strictly, retired cadres appropriate leniency; leading cadres strictly, other cadres appropriate liberal principles. Cadres above the county level, all departments and industries involved in national security and state owned assets security, industry secrets of public officials to apply for abroad (border) generally do not approve. There are special circumstances, it is necessary to apply for private abroad (Habitat), in accordance with the cadre management authority for examination and approval procedures, according to the relevant provisions of the state.

strict specification procedure. The applicant shall submit a written application to the party organization in the area (unit), indicating the reasons for leaving the country (territory), the time to go abroad, the time to stay outside, the place and the source of the expenses, and so on. The applicant area (units) Party organizations to carry out the trial, and the audit report issued by the unit Party organizations, fill in the "leading cadres to go abroad (border) for approval", reported by the municipal Party committee and municipal government leaders in charge of the consent by the area (units) Party committees (party) special report to the higher Party committees (party) approval.

strengthen discipline constraints. Due to private abroad (border) personnel to perform the leave formalities in accordance with the cadre management authority. After leaving the country, it is necessary to put an end to uncivilized behavior, prohibited access to gambling, pornography, and consciously safeguard the national image. After arrival, according to the procedures for leave within 2 working days, 7 working days after the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the organization (personnel) departments going abroad (border) report on the report. Put an end to the private documents, within 15 days after the entry, vice cadres above the county level for exit (exit) documents of municipal Party Committee Organization Department custody, county level cadres to go abroad (border) documents district Party Committee Organization Department custody; municipal authorities cadres for exit (exit) documents to the personnel Department of the unit custody. For those who have been held for private abroad (territory) documents, and then be recovered by the relevant units, requiring individuals to issue relevant information to ensure that the leading cadres to go abroad (border) documents personal zero hold.


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