Strengthen confidence and accelerate the development and improvement of people’s livelihood is reall

7 25, the province’s economic work video conference held. The meeting summed up the first half of the economic situation, analysis of the current situation facing the deployment of the second half of the economic work. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng attended and spoke. He stressed that the whole province to accelerate the development of firm unwavering confidence, not slack, improve people’s livelihood does not stop, do not slack lured, unswervingly complete the annual task, to achieve a good start "13th Five-Year" economic and social development, for building a well-off society to lay a solid foundation.

governor Hao Peng work deployment. Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong presided over.

Wang Guosheng in his speech fully affirmed the achievements made in the first half of the province’s economic development, in-depth analysis of the current economic situation. He pointed out that we must strengthen our confidence. The first half of the year, in the face of the grim and changeable situation, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and the strong leadership of the provincial government, positive coping, early planning, the whole province, around the beginning of the established objectives and tasks, actively adapt to the new normal economic development, thoroughly implement the new development concept, Lulitongxin, solid work, the economy is generally stable Naka Yujin, for the better, the province’s GDP grew 8.3%, achieved more than half the time, more than half of the task ", in the downtown pressure on the economy continued to increase in the background, to hand over this transcript is not easy. Wang Guosheng stressed, push forward the work of Qinghai on the basis of the existing, to see a major policy opportunities, foreign aid opportunities and strategic opportunities, to see two in the protection of ecology, the huge potential to promote green development, three to see the quality and efficiency of the province’s development trend, development continued to improve. Future, to strengthen confidence, enhance concentration, insist Aoyama do not relax, unswervingly to complete the annual task.

wangguosheng stressed the need to accelerate the development of not slack. Development is not the biggest province of Qinghai, is the most urgent task we face. We must firmly grasp the economic construction, insist on maintaining stability of the general work guideline, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, adjust the structure, improve the quality and efficiency of economic development, promote the economy more efficient, more quality, more equitable and sustainable development. We should correctly handle the relationship between steady growth and structural adjustment, accurate grasp of the economic development of our province investment driven characters play a key role in investment, promote traditional industries and a new form of integration, foster a new pattern of industrial development, structural reforms on the supply side win new advantages. To promote structural adjustment, the key depends on innovation driven. To create new competitive advantages of traditional industries, to promote the development of new industries to seize the commanding heights, the formation of new economic growth point.

pointed out that to improve people’s livelihood. Always adhere to the people-centered thought, speeding up the construction of social undertakings on the basis of economic development, the continuous improvement of people’s livelihood, especially to protect the basic livelihood of the people, the bottom line Douzhu, trying to make the people of all nationalities living more and more dignity, more gain a sense of happiness. All localities and departments should enhance the sense of urgency and initiative, the implementation of the current standards of rural poverty alleviation as a major goal, plus;

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