Xining hundred home tutoring benefit tens of thousands of families

reporter from the Xining Municipal Office of Ideological and moral construction of minors to understand, since the start of May 17th, "will be passed to the next generation of" family education public special lecture tour has just ended, the lecture by the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the city Bureau of education invited famous expert Professor Chen Zhonglian family education lecturer lecture, lecture at the municipal and the school districts to carry out tour hundreds of games, the Xining City, tens of thousands of educators, parents benefit from.

talks to "special problems and Countermeasures of contemporary students" education as the theme, the experts from different angles, combined with abundant cases and their children experience, for families, schools and society to actively face the social transition period children in the process of growing questions and phenomena, for the family, school and society provides solution to the current education of minors series of problems of new ideas, new strategies and new ideas, advanced the concept of family education to each school, benefiting tens of thousands of families in Xining city. In order to further promote the family, school and society "three-in-one" education network construction, improve the ideological and moral education of minors the pertinence and effectiveness, efforts to run people’s satisfaction of education provides a strong theoretical and methodological support. (by boat)


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