Chinese students in the UK will usher in a good entrepreneurial opportunity

when a lot of students in the country to create their own career, some people have been studying in the time to start their own career. They can not wait to start the business after the returnees, but to seize the opportunity to learn from the unique perspective of students, entrepreneurship.


23 year old Yao Ting is the third grade students from University of Warwick in the UK, he and British universities, the same with the entrepreneurial spirit of cooperation among college students, created a "question" online education platform, aimed at English Chinese students to provide high quality counseling.


In addition to

now in the UK, China became the British district an unavoidable topic, the business environment more favorable to China enterprises and investors are China, even like Yao Ting students also have the opportunity to ideal into reality.

"as an overseas student, we witnessed in recent years in the UK is increasing in business, investment and tourism exchanges, it is time for our own business." Yao Ting said.

"we participated in various entrepreneurial activities and competitions held China and Britain, we found that Chinese market encountered venture reaction is more active, while the British investors more calm, said to see." Yao Ting said.

through continuous improvement plan of entrepreneurship and business skills, Yao ting and his team held in August this year at the beginning of the 2015 Beijing Chaoyang overseas students entrepreneurship contest contest in England, beating more than and 200 other teams in the world group recommended

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