Maternal and child supplies store how to profit

maternal and child supplies are a lot of friends like the project, the market has a lot of maternal and child supplies brand, a lot of friends want to engage in Entrepreneurship in this area. So, open a mother and child supplies store, then, how do we need to make a profit? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

key one: maternal and child supplies store franchise – select the site to see the maturity of the community

If the

baby products store in front of the hospital, especially the maternity hospital, it is good business. However, the hospital is usually around the commercial center, the rent is high, at least to hundreds of thousands of investment. Therefore, not only to look at the living population, but also to see the maturity". The old community birth rate is not enough, the new residential occupancy rate is not enough. If a child selling chain stores are located in the South Lake Garden, Baibuting garden and other large communities, as well as tens of thousands of resident population, and new residential construction, to ensure that 5 to 10 years of continuous birth weight infants. The specific location in the community, there are stress.

key two: maternal and child supplies store franchise – product variety, brand

maternal and child shop to try to meet the needs of customers one-stop shopping, but the novice to enter the shop area is often not large. To complete the brand to select varieties. Baby products category meticulous, each category featured two or three main brands can be. Even the biggest selling milk, diapers, nor more than 5 brands. Too much on the brand, a large amount of capital occupation, inventory risk. Operators can develop flat effect index, that is, the number of sales per square meter area should bring about sales, if some of the products on sale for a long time, it is necessary to determine the shelf.

key three: maternal and child supplies store franchise – clear display zoning, guide flow


partition is clear, the associated product placed nearby is the basic principle; diapers are necessities, but low profit, placed at the end will guide customers through health care products, toys and other non necessities, increasing the opportunity to purchase high profit products; milk concentration display, convenient for customers to buy baby supplies compared; small volume, high price. On the door of the place, the good care, to prevent being pilfering". When the store opened, must take the milk, diapers placed in the most conspicuous place, to attract customers into the store. With a stable customer base, you can display, intentionally guide the flow of customers.

key four: maternal and child supplies store franchise promotional gifts to have a sense of value

promotional activities can mobilize the customer’s desire to buy. However, the promotion threshold to be appropriate, too high does not seem sincere, too low too much investment. Baby products stores the most commonly used form of shopping reach a certain amount of evacuation gifts, choose to have the skills of gifts. Milk powder, health care products have a shelf life, when the shelf life >

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