Sell book elder brother was not allowed to get hundreds of thousands of investment

in our eyes, the book should be a work of older people to earn some extra money, but a young man came to the stall selling books, but also received hundreds of thousands of investment, how is it that what we see.

as long as it doesn’t rain outside the school Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications must be able to see a young man and his stall. Young man named Zhang Kaizhe, 23 years old, is a graduate of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications,, information and computing science. Last year, Zhang Kaizhe has been outside the school to set up a stall selling books. The students also gave him a cordial nickname – "sell brother".

Zhang Kaizhe will share at 6 pm, after 10 PM closing time. Not familiar with Zhang Kaizhe, his stall as a simple stall, but people familiar with him know that "sell brother" book over hiding a entrepreneurial dream. Now, Zhang Kaizhe is getting closer and closer to the dream.

science man, he grew up reading

Zhang Kaizhe was wearing a pair of black glasses, looks like the ornamental and the combined plain properties. Who would have thought that this is a young man of liberal arts, but it is a standard in the University, science man". "I’m learning information and computational science." Zhang Kaizhe said.

Zhang Kaizhe’s hometown in Henan, Xinxiang Province, although high school, University is the science of learning, but Zhang Kaizhe grew up reading books. "When I was a kid, I liked to watch my sister’s school." Zhang Kaizhe said, because living in the countryside, can see the book is not much, so, he read a lot of books.

high school, learning pressure, Zhang Kaizhe reading time is not much, in spite of this, he is still in junior high school use spare time to read the four. To the University, Zhang Kaizhe had time to read a book, four years, he frugally bought 200 books.

lost his business selling book book

because of the good impression on the book, when a senior, a chance, Zhang Kaizhe to a job interview for the recruitment of staff. "The bookstore has a lot of demands on the clerks, and there are not many people who can pass it." Zhang Kaizhe passed the three interview and was told to go to work immediately.

"I hadn’t graduated yet, and I explained to the bookstore that I wanted to go after graduation." Zhang Kaizhe said, but the bookstore did not retain this position, that he was not sincere. After graduating from college, Zhang Kaizhe once again to participate in the bookstore interview, and finally still not admitted. Finally, Zhang Kaizhe gave up the idea of going to the bookstore, decided to start their own business, selling books.


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