These are the main factors that can not support the store

The rapid growth of

industry led to the development of online business, while the store is facing bankruptcy, a large number of shops have closed shop, why? It is because of business reasons? In fact, the reason for the collapse of the store in this.

1 quality first

that the quality is everything, the product features as the target group analysis.

in cafes, for example, many people think that the cafe coffee must be the best opponent with 200 yuan a kilogram of beans, you will use 300 yuan a kilogram of beans; it closed at the moment, still feel the reason for my failure is good because of the quality of the coffee leads to no other store the failure of


2 rent oppression

There are a lot of good shops do

3 do not make money early concept

so in the shop just beginning period, in addition to torture people, is the largest in the vicinity of leaflets and the like, and then waiting for customers after a year Everfount automatic door! The face of increasingly lonely people, can not stand all Everfount expenses and all sorts of little things, the staff can not see hope to have quit finally, the mentality, collapse.

4 lack of prior planning

For example,

choose to do retail, is that the industry threshold is low, the risk of small pressure, fast cash return. Because of this illusion, when let down, resulting in a lack of planning for business, consumer groups, cash cycle, estimated turnover assessment, when the risk comes, be taken by surprise.

Lack of understanding of

5 industry

Due to the

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