To overcome the five major difficulties of college students before the start

is now a lot of college students do not want to work, want to invest in business, the cause of their own achievements, shopping malls, the achievements of many wonderful, but also left too much regret. For college students, the country, although there are policy support, so that the entrepreneurial space has become increasingly broad, but due to the lack of knowledge, lack of experience and other reasons, college students in the failure of many entrepreneurs. So, college students, in addition to master a certain entrepreneurial knowledge, but also need to create what "difficulties"?

A, option

two, innovation


2. will default, slightly dissatisfied with the wanton breach of agreement on investment, the capital market "blacklist".

3. too persistent, even if investors can not provide value-added services, is still tied together, do not know how to turn around in time.

4., burn people’s money to fulfill their dream, the results will suffer.

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