Ping An Pratt opened the door of venture capital

in the face of the entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better, more and more people choose entrepreneurship, better promotion of College Students’ entrepreneurship, employment of the tower, open the door of peace Pratt & Whitney business loans!

the job in March season, all over the country have started a new round of spring and campus recruitment, but also provide a lot of jobs for graduating students. But by the early market research found that there are quite a few college students have no job, and tend to their own business, this proportion is much higher than in previous years, and even can be said to be accounted for 90 of college students after graduation planning today before a few. So, is it really appropriate for college students to start their own business and policy support?

in fact, countries still hold a certain support for students, some colleges and universities and the municipal government cooperation, launched a student business incubator project, encourage the idea of entrepreneurship of University students. While the policy support, although a lot of help for entrepreneurship, but the most troubled college students or financial problems. Weak economic foundation is a common problem faced by most entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial loans are more for college students and individuals to provide entrepreneurial support.

peace platform Pratt & Whitney launched microfinance services is also very suitable for college students, Ping An Pratt & Whitney capital turnover rate is high, are ready for all kinds of material, can submit a loan application online through the platform, the amount of several thousand to one hundred thousand yuan, will be able to get approval for a loan the fastest 24 hours, the audit process quickly in particular, to meet the urgent need for liquidity needs of entrepreneurs.



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