Tip ask for payment reminder

this credit for a store any are very common thing, and difficult is how these accounts to get back. I shop in the center of the village, tourists are familiar with the basic operation often encounter some villagers, forgot to bring money, or hand is not too easy to the familiar face customers, credit also can hardly be avoided.

credit sales is for the convenience of customers, stable source. But as the saying goes, "easy credit for his hard", in requesting payment process must master the skills, and try to avoid misunderstanding and billing customer conflict, not only affects the credit of the mind, there will be loss of their business image.

I felt a warm and harmonious billing in business practice skills, and colleagues to share and reference.

dun have the skills, credit is learned: first, grasp the credit object, observed in the daily operation, bad credit behavior, no credit, lest cause unnecessary losses to the store; in second, credit, credit people left the mobile phone number, you can contact the convenience when the valuable goods do not ask for payment; credit.

I usually ask for payment

time will set in the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the festival, this time striking position in the store as a reminder card: Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, we need to purchase large quantities of goods, lack of funds, please provide our customers and friends to understand, thank you! I believe that those who have the quality of credit customers will appreciate and understand, and to facilitate their own convenience, so it will take the initiative of debts.

will give the customer forget in a reminder, want a hint of credit for customers; use credit customers to leave SMS mobile phone number, first said some warm greetings, then it is sent to the customer to ask for payment prompt; for some it is not convenient to repay the credit for customers, to understand that in the language. Let the customer feel the sincerity and care, to a good foundation for the development of a good shop, in a convenient situation will take the initiative to pay back the money.

it is because some customers do not remember, so they will not be able to repay on time, this time, this reminder just can play a role. Not only a good reminder of the credit of the people, but also can recover the debt. So, dun do not need to directly ask for money, some of the many warm tip can play a role.

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