Xiamen financial investment and financing model innovation diversified financing channels were opene

enterprises in the development process cannot do without capital operation, but for many companies unable to fund financing in the face of such a situation, the government of Xiamen is awesome. This year, the city vigorously promote the innovation of the financial investment and financing model, open up diversified financing channels. Reporters from the city’s finance department was informed that the city has been the first province set up three total size of 30 billion Yuan City Development Fund, the use of fiscal funds leveraging financial leverage to support the construction of infrastructure projects, city transformation and upgrading of services.

According to reports, the city construction and development fund as equity funds, with leverage benefits, can be used as 40% of the project capital, the corresponding access to bank loans of 60% funds

. Currently, the fund has been with the industrial and Commercial Bank of China (601398, stock it), Industrial Bank (601166, stock it), Ping An Group, the official signing of the financial institutions of the Xiamen municipal development fund cooperation framework agreement, the total amount of 30 billion yuan cooperation.

Xiamen financial investment and financing model innovation, diversified financing channels have been opened for the further development of enterprises is very favorable, but also to a certain extent, a powerful incentive for enterprises to continuously strong. In addition, I also constructed the operating platform of state-owned assets investment: on the one hand, to accelerate the promotion of rail group, soil total, city investment company issued corporate bonds and medium-term notes; on the other hand, the establishment of the scale of 10 billion yuan of industry guidance fund, is expected to be 3 to 4 times leveraging social capital to support industrial development, has funded the establishment of 10 only the sub fund industry, the total size of 14 billion 800 million yuan; the platform is still running 7 emerging industry venture capital fund, the total size of the fund reached 1 billion 920 million yuan.

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