Pizza off brand reputation

in today’s era, many people love to eat Western-style food, pizza is subject to a lot of chowhound sought after, pizza pizza tastes crispy, civilians prices, stores in the pizza, consumers can enjoy the experience. As a popular food, pizza off the style of the beautiful, delicate and compact, so many consumers still want to eat.

[pizza guest how to join]

now the consumer price high delicacy is more and more common, many products of high prices also taste difference, give consumers a good experience, how about pizza pizza? Let the senior enjoy the price close to the people, let them meet with vanity, also eat the delicious. The product line rich, hundreds of kinds of taste, aftertaste and praise; rich ingredients, attractive color, various flavors stir your taste, it is quite suitable pricing, please, for the vast majority of the general public consumption.

[pizza guest advantage]

1, brand advantage: free use of pizza brand image and brand licensing, sharing brand value.

2, location advantages: headquarters to provide scientific site selection and guidance, free shop audit evaluation.

3, the opening of the opening ceremony and advantage: customized promotion plan, to ensure that the agents opened their doors to win out.

4, technical advantages: to provide pizza production technology, to ensure that the agency has enough advantages to attract customers.

5, promotional advantages: the major media in the country vigorously promote, so that the brand image of a household name, agents have opened up the financial resources.

[pizza guest join condition]

1, a legal person or other business entity with legal business qualification, with independent capacity.

2, in the opening of the franchise area has a good business strength, social relations, can effectively deal with public relations with the relevant departments to ensure that the restaurant business is normal.

3, join fee 200 thousand, margin of 50 thousand, management fee 3%

4, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the company has recognized the business philosophy.

5, willing to participate in the headquarters of the training and management of the headquarters.

pizza off the rich taste, pizza customers to join the headquarters is constantly innovation, research ingredients, pizza off diners favorite, as popular cuisine, pizza patrons naturally let diners enthusiastic pursuit, participants choose to vote

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