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paint decoration essential, along with the continuous increase of the home improvement industry in the face of the current market demand, competition is becoming increasingly serious in paint industry, many businesses have launched a highly personalized, for coating products of special crowd, these early years we have been in the market make first appearance.

health and environmental protection paint key words: children paint

children’s room decoration is the most worried about the issue of environmental protection, often do not know how to start, do not know how to choose environmentally friendly materials. The best way to solve this problem is to select children’s paint for children’s room. Because compared with ordinary paint, paint safety factor is much higher. Children’s organs and organs are in a period of rapid growth, all for the children’s room decoration, environmental protection is the most important, and children’s room special paint just in terms of environmental protection really make parents feel at ease.

in general the definition of children’s paint must have the following characteristics:

The content of harmful heavy metals in

1. children’s paint is very low;

2. all with water modulation, from the root cut off benzene chemical solvents on the way of poisoning children;

3. children’s special latex paint volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of < 1 g / L, almost close to zero, the international practice known as "zero VOC".

4. specially designed for children, so the children paint the choice of color is very rich, can fully meet the demands of growth and development of children of color, giving children a bright and colorful, pleasing growth space.

5. has the easy scrub function, can give the child the full imagination space painting.

health and environmental protection paint two key words: marriage room paint

is different from other coatings and paint the marriage room is designed for new people to decorate the house design, the biggest feature is the APEO element does not contain damage to the human reproductive system, chemical biological degradation product APEO belongs to the environmental hormone, they can invade the human body through a variety of ways, have estrogen like effects and harm the human body normal hormone secretion, leading to sperm can reduce the number of abnormal reproductive organs. That is to say, if the husband and wife live in the environment containing APEO for a long time, it may cause infertility and even reproductive system diseases. Marriage room paint is not only conducive to the new generation and ensure the health of the next generation, recognized by the newly married couple.

health and environmental protection paint three keywords: pregnant women paint

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