Good holiday promotion also need to create a festive atmosphere

why many shopping malls to various festivals is people reviews? This is created by shopping malls and the atmosphere is a great relationship. In my opinion, in order to do a good job of holiday promotion, it is necessary to create a festive atmosphere, increase the atmosphere of the store, in order to stimulate the customer’s desire to buy, so as to achieve a multiplier effect. The lively atmosphere can bring popularity, popularity can bring wealth.

through years of market visits I found that retail customers increase sales methods summarized up the atmosphere has four kinds: one is outside the shop layout, store shelf layout is two, three is the upper space layout of the shop, the four is the layout of the store staff.

in the stores, retail customers can hang lantern, put on the promotional merchandise display, in order to create a festive atmosphere. Can also be placed in front of the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, etc., it is best to have luminous effect. In the layout of the store shelves, first of all, and the festival related to good use of goods, display to highlight the theme of the festival.

as some gift items, should be placed in the striking position, because the gift of commodities is the highlight of holiday sales, not only can create the atmosphere, but also can save time for customers. As the cigarette category of goods, we can heighten the festive atmosphere of the brand in the main position, such as "double happiness", "Hongta mountain" (Gong Hexinxi). Use in the upper room space, retail customers can be used for hanging small lanterns, Chinese knot, garland and other forms of festivals.

in fact, many manufacturers are now free to provide these small items, but some retail customers do not take advantage of this resource. In addition, in the dress of the people also want to use brains. The new year have a new look, in this special day, retail customers can store sales staff vest and trousers for a holiday and the corresponding red. Through a full range of store layout, festive atmosphere increased, it is easy to interact with customers, thereby stimulating sales of stores.

the reason why many people are shopping, is often under the atmosphere so that if a shop want to attract more customers, to make the business of the shop is more prosperous, nature also needs in the atmosphere above put more effort. Therefore, the festival want to improve the effectiveness of the natural need to create a festive atmosphere.

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