Tsinghua University held a special job fairs

want to know how to start a business venture. There are significant differences in the way of working, working atmosphere and the demand of talents in the development of entrepreneurial enterprises. Entrepreneurs who are interested may wish to go to the entrepreneurial practice.

10 on Sept. 15, 2015 Tsinghua University enterprise recruitment will be opened, this is the Tsinghua University through "actively explore entrepreneurship training" to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship education, is also the first time by the University Organization for large enterprise recruitment will be held.

and traditional recruitment is different, the recruitment will provide jobs, more than half of internship positions, in the recruitment of graduates, will also serve the undergraduate and graduate, to allow more students to participate in innovative entrepreneurial experience, create atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in universities, in order to build bridges between students and enterprises. Two days time, nearly 100 high-quality entrepreneurial enterprises have brought more than 3000 high-quality entrepreneurship training job requirements.

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