Young mother in the area near the baby shop to get wealth

baby store opened in the mall, or in the vicinity of the community, the success rate is relatively high. Today, to meet a strong woman, she opened the baby store in the vicinity of the residential area, will soon be successful.

store opened in the first month of operation, preservation, she had more confidence. Considering some young mummy love online shopping spending habits at the end of last year, with the promotion information issued from time to time in addition to Mommy mommy in a website, Taobao is also registered online shop. She found that the store do neighbourhood business, diapers, milk powder and other commonly used medium grade products sell fast, the shop is high-grade intelligence toys, cribs and other bulky goods sell more. Now, the shop and the store a tourist complementary, with Mommy can reach more than 5000 yuan monthly operating profit.


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