Yunnan Yiliang 26 million yuan interest free loans with entrepreneurship to promote employment

is a modern social entrepreneurship society, there are a lot of people who have entrepreneurial ideas, and governments for many entrepreneurs to provide a good platform for social entrepreneurship, recently in Yunnan, Yiliang on the launch of interest free loans.

to help laid-off workers, migrant workers, university graduates, demobilized soldiers and other kinds of employment difficulties for occupation, self employment, re employment, Yiliang people club bureau with the three three real strict "and" loyalty clean play "education, make full use of activity, with sufficient financial support policies, to provide loans support, entrepreneurship training, funding for independent entrepreneurs and other one-stop convenient service, let entrepreneurs get really, really enjoy preferential support.

for better service to have entrepreneurial dreams without venture capital entrepreneurs, Yiliang people club Bureau actively and finance, banking and other departments of communication and coordination, to further improve the national entrepreneurship mechanism, encourage people to venture to promote employment; to help entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs make detours, improve entrepreneurs. The success rate of the Yiliang people club Bureau has organized 2 training courses of entrepreneurship training for a total of more than 600 people, those who pass the examination issued by the "entrepreneurship training certificate"; apply for loans for the convenience of the loan application entrepreneurs in Yiliang to further strengthen the internal management of the small loans, efforts to standardize the handling procedures, reduce the links for.

The implementation of the Yunnan


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