To start a good opportunity for billions of people thirst

water is a part of people life indispensable, if the entrepreneur can enter into the market, will make a big career, can be said to billions of people thirst, is definitely a good opportunity of entrepreneurship.

case farmer spring mineral water is a well-known brand of drinking water market China, it emphasizes their water from Qiandao Lake, natural, healthy, beneficial to the human body. Japan sells a product called "Mt Fuji air."". Mt Fuji is Japan’s mountain, everyone wants to board the Mt Fuji, to the top of the breath of fresh air. But a lot of people are restricted by various factors can not go to Mt Fuji, so there are smart people, dedicated to the top of the mountain in Mt Fuji to collect the air, with the tube down the mountain, and then sell. They sell not only the air itself, but also the desire for health and the purification of the mind.

The fruit juice market statistics

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