How to open a successful campus milk tea shop

this year, want to open a successful campus milk tea shop is not so easy a thing, need to accumulate more business knowledge, otherwise can only helplessly watched his shop for high rent. So how to successfully open a tea shop in the campus, entrepreneurs can learn from the following contents.

how success to open a tea shop on campus? When entrepreneurs determined to open a tea shop, put in front of the first question is, what is the core of milk tea shop. Location? Is the price? Or tea shop brand?

has opened tea shop in Macao science and Technology University Zhuhai campus of the Su Tong tea really spent a lot of thought. In the tea industry, Taiwan is the customer acceptance of a pearl milk tea tea is relatively high, in order to make tea more authentic taste better, Su Tong to Taiwan tourism, from the Eslite Bookstore back several books on tea making books according to the book, then try again and again, as it is made out Taiwan tea.

how success to open a tea shop on campus? "Although the cost should be considered, but this brings two cents difference to the customer’s pleasure is far greater than this two cents, the two cents will move up your product more than two grades. I would like to emphasize that the low cost of tea is no secret, to enhance its value, so that customers are willing to buy, can not be separated from the packaging." Wesley said.

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